About Us



We host speech and debate tournaments that are open to middle school students from around Oregon @ LOJ



We provide workshops for all students, but specifically those who's schools don't have debate programs so they get the opportunity to learn the basics of debate. 

We also provide more in-depth workshops by request.



We help middle schools start up speech and debate clubs. If you have any questions about this, feel free to email us!

Who are we?

Jack Hill; Jesuit; Senior; OMSSDL

President - Jack Hill

Jack Hill is a Senior at Jesuit high school and a varsity lettermen in track & field.  He spends his free time promoting youth sports and fitness. Before matriculating to the rank of Eagle Scout, Jack served as the Senior Patrol Leader in the largest Boy Scouts troop in Oregon, Troop 728, home of his  first experience with organizational leadership. He also contributes to the school publication as an avid photographer and maintains his own photography portfolio online @ jackhill.net   

A life-long soccer player, Jack incorporates energy and teamwork in his leadership. Fittingly, he oversees strategies and fundraising  for OMSSDL as the president.  


Vice President - Grant Chen

Grant Chen is a Senior at Westview High School. He is nationally ranked in math competition and heads one of the top Science Bowl teams in Oregon. A graduate of Lewis & Clark College Debate Camp, Grant brings to the table three years of experience as a policy debater and an intellectual depth rare with high schooler. He organizes middle school debate tournaments and helps with debate workshops. 

Breanna Guo; Lincoln

Breanna Guo

Breanna Guo is a Junior at Lincoln High School who is studying aboard in Switzerland. She did Policy debate her freshman year and is currently doing Lincoln Douglas debate. She believes that debate can truly open one's eyes to the world. Breanna helps organize tournaments and fundraise for OMSSDL. Not only does she debate but she is also an active student athlete and enjoys learning new languages. 


Stanley Wang

Stanley Wang is a Freshman at Sunset High School. He started debate as a 7th grader, when he went to debate camp at Lewis and Clark College. Throughout middle school, he did Public Forum debate, and is currently doing Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas at Sunset. Stanley believes that through debate, students can gain confidence to voice their opinions, whether it's about politics or to their parents.


Kyler Wang

Kyler Wang is an eighth grader at Stoller Middle School. He believes in the power of speech and debate to improve public speaking skills and empower students. Besides doing speech and debate, Kyler enjoys learning history, editing his school magazine, and doing math.


William Guo

William Guo is an 8th grader at ACCESS Academy and has done parliamentary debate for 2 years. He believes debate makes people more persuasive which is a key life skill. Outside of speech and debate, William also does math, FTC, ACSL and chess.


Nova Wu

Nova Wu is a Junior at Lincoln High School. She started a debate club in 7th grade for ten middle school girls in the Portland area. She believes every middle student in Oregon deserves a chance to participate in a free debate program.

Also the president of the Lincoln High School Science Bowl Club, Nova is a writer who has earned several Scholastic Writing Awards.

 She has earned the Presidential Volunteer Service Gold Award for her contributions to OMSSDL.